15 window treatment ideas

15 Wonderfully Creative Window Treatment Ideas

Furniture / February 20, 2018

While common window coverings can work for just about any window style or size, unique treatments can be the most captivating.

Designs that creatively use everyday materials in unexpected ways can make a huge impact on the look of a room.

Whether you're designing a window treatment for privacy or purely for decoration, consider one of these ideas. You may be amazed by what you can do!

Window Treatment Ideas by Room

small transitional kitchen window treatment ideas

image : Anna Lattimore Interior Design

Having terrific windows is a significant plus in any kind of house, they add character and supply much desirable all-natural light. Without window treatments, however, the area will look incomplete.

Kitchen Window Treatments

traditional kitchen window treatment ideas

image : Katie Emmons Design

The kitchen is your hub, your ground zero. We all have to eat, and let’s face it, as much as you may plan for guests and kids to gather in another part of your home, they come find you in the kitchen, because that’s where all the fun happens.

If your kitchen is anything like mine, it’s also the room where the temperature is up and down and experiments happen more often than not (I think of mine as more of a lab).

Since there is high moisture and potential spillage in the kitchen, faux wood blinds are a great choice since they will not warp or fade.

They are natural ventilators and are durable even for the rowdiest of chefs. They also clean easily, to boot.

I hate it when I drop my hand mixer into by buerre blanc (delicate butter sauce) and the egg yolk mixture explodes everywhere, but with a quick swipe, my blinds are clean again and ready for my next disaster.

Since you’ll be covering windows above sinks and stoves, I also recommend a cordless shade in the kitchen. Long winding cords getting stuck in the disposal or singed off into your soup are no bueno.

If your kitchen faces out on the street, you might like shutters since they give great curb appeal. Shutters are naturally cordless, too.

Bathroom Window Treatments

simple traditional bathroom window treatment ideas

image : Julie Williams Design

Bathrooms should never be overlooked so do not ignore this essential area which demands its very own signature design that is ornamental, however practical.

Window treatments for bathrooms should satisfy three demands: privacy, toughness, as well as light control.

I have stayed in several locations where my washroom did not also have a window and I could inform you nowadays I love the natural light, air, and openness that a window gives

Bedroom Window Treatments

modern bedroom window treatment ideas

image : Bridgwater Consulting Group

Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you wake up and wind down every day.

Bar none, your first thought should be privacy, and how much of it you want. Blackout shades are great for pure darkness, especially if you don’t rise and set with the sun.

If you are not a vampire and would like a little light, go with day/night shades that give you the best of both worlds—room darkening on one end and light-filtering on the other.

These shades are way amazing and some of us think this is a secret blind, for the underworld.Cellular shades are naturally calming with their soft diffusion of light and their fabric touch. They insulate during any season, and they come in patterns stimulating enough to wake up to, but still serene enough to fall asleep to.

To keep it serene in this room, add motorization—your shades will practically operate on their own. In the end, a blind or shade that makes the ambience feel warm to you is your best bet in the bedroom.

Living Room Window Treatments

modern black and white open living room window treatment ideas

image : Studio Marcelo Brito

In here, you’ll be making a statement about your home, entertaining, and protecting large furniture that you don’t want to fade.

Solar or cellular shades are the great protectors from direct sunlight, and you can pick how much light you want coming in while still preserving your view outside.

On stark bay windows, roman shades are soft and elegant. On tall windows, or ones you want to seem tall, pick any shade and then overlay long drapes to really give reach and a finished look. Add a valance and you’ll really have a wow window.

I give you permission to think outside the box in this room—make it a signature room with color, bold patterns and mix and match fabrics. It’s your living room—make it feel like you want to actually live in it!

Window Treatment Ideas for Doors

window treatment ideas for traditional entry doors

image : Siemasko + Verbridge

Much like windows, doors with sights to the outdoors have to be clothed. But they could be complicated since doors (whether they're moving or French) are functional components of the room, and the wrong window treatment could stand up website traffic.

These areas reveal you ways to clothe your windows smartly while keeping feature at the leading edge.

Sliding Glass Doors

window treatment ideas for sliding glass doors

image : Lisa Scheff Designs

The search for window treatments for doors, especially sliding glass doors, always seems to perplex people.

Well, it shouldn’t, as there are many alternative options to finding the solution that fits your style.

Your first choice might be vertical blinds, which are installed on a track across the top of the window and can be pulled closed just like drapes.

Many people choose popular verticals but Panel Track blinds are a modern and versatile choice as each panel slides effortlessly on a track, so clean and smooth.

I love Panel Tracks because so many colors, fabric patterns and even woven woods are offered. Since heat loss is a big concern with large glass doors, I often choose vertical cellular shades. They work just like a regular cellular shade, only sideways and bigger.

Hanging drapery is a popular style to decoratively cover your sliding glass doors, as long as you don’t mind the push and pull every morning and night! It’s always a workout with drapes.

French Doors

window treatment ideas for french doors

image : Sarah Barnard Design

Sheer shades are perfect on French doors for letting filtered light into your home. They are so light and breezy. Roller and solar shades are another great option.

Roller shades come in so many colors and textures and solar shades are best if you need to control some of the incoming light but still want to have a bit of a view to the outside.

If the doors are frequently used, you will want the hold down brackets that keep the bottom of the shade in place so the blinds won’t bang around every time you let the dog out.

For interior French doors, which might separate an office or formal dining room from the rest of the house, sheer horizontal or sheer roller shades are a chic way to provide a little privacy. Sheers are “sheerly” wonderful!

Patio Doors

patio door window treatment ideas

image : Rachel Reider Interiors

Patio Doors are an ode to the outdoors and whether your patio door is a huge slider leading to the backyard or a standard door with a window leading to your deck, you have many ways to keep the sun in or out and your view and privacy intact.

Vertical blinds and panel track blinds are durable and are the “working horse” for large windows as they are strong but fluid.

Lined drapery or vertical cellular shades are the best way to go if temperature control is a priority.

You could also opt for sheer vertical shades which I recommend for the look and appeal of sheer drapery, but also have vanes that can be tilted opened or closed. Whatever you choose, let the light be your friend and not your enemy.

Different Window Shapes and Sizes Ideas

window treatment ideas different shapes and sizes

image : Hendel Homes

Are you wondering where to start in discovering the right window treatment to cover your designed windows and doors?

Do you want the ultimate adaptability when it concerns personal privacy as well as light control but have no idea just what's readily available?

Do you need some inspiration to help you decide what alternatives would certainly look ideal in your home?

Bay Windows

bedroom bay window treatment ideas

image : Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Whether in a living room or breakfast nook, I love how bay windows always add a little more breathing room to a space and fill up the room with light.

A bay window is composed of three parts and the windows are set at an angle to each other.

Just the name, “bay,” makes me think of a calm, tranquil spot, softly whispering simplicity.

For this clean and natural look, shutters or wood blinds are a good bay window treatment choice and coordinate well with decorative the window trim on your bay window.

Fabric roman blinds add softness to the hard angles of a bay window and can bring in some liveliness with color and pattern.

If your view is too lovely and bright to cover up, sometimes all that is needed is a decorative valance or an upholstered cornice.

Large Windows

large window treatment ideas

image : Green Apple Design

I know, you fell in love with those beautiful large windows which were one of the main selling points of your home, but now you realize the sun is really bright in the morning or your neighbors have been peeking at you at the wrong time or even at the right time.

You have to cover those windows.

Vertical blinds and panel track blinds are the best at covering large windows. Panel tracks operate similarly to vertical blinds but they have larger panels in place of the smaller vanes used on vertical blinds.

If you find a roman shade you love but the fabric isn’t wide enough, most shades have the option of a 2 in 1 headrail which consists of two shades on one headrail.

So, you can style your window with your favorite fabric and double the fun. Traditional drapery is also lovely on large windows.

Alternatively, there is even drapery made out of natural woven woods available. Anyway you look at it, tall windows demand special attention.

Arched Window Treatments

arched window treatment ideas

image : Institute of Classical Architecture & Art - Texas

Another unique window shape that is beautiful but seems hard to cover is the arched window.

Arched windows are strictly decorative and often placed above a double hung or a fixed window.

They are a unique and challenging element but should be covered to prevent sun damage to your furnishings and to provide better temperature control throughout your room.

Cellular shades are available in a perfect arch shape or can be custom made into an irregular arch. You can even complement and cover additional windows in the room with coordinating cellular shades.

If the arched window lives above another window, they can both be covered with drapery panels mounted above the arch.

An arched window is such a classic design, don’t pass up the chance to enhance the brilliance and the light that streams through its form.

Valances Window Treatments

valances window treatment traditional living room ideas

image : SLC Interiors

Valances are like frosting on a cake, the exquisite topping that offers an extra layer of decoration and are an easy way to update and jazz up your window treatments.

Valances are soft, fabric treatments at the top part of the window – they aren’t long, or reach to the floor like drapery.

Valances are purely decorative and they usually cover no more than the upper third of the window and oftentimes, even less.

A valance can be a simple band of fabric or can be a mass of pleats and folds. Curtains can accompany a valance or it can be the star all by itself! They’re really meant to keep the eye focused upward and to help soften the look of the hard edges of a window frame.

I love them because they’re a quick and affordable way to add or repeat a room color, introduce a pattern to the room, or add some neutral texture.

When people ask me for window valance ideas, I first ask them what is missing in the room.

If a soft or traditional look is desired, I usually recommend a pole-mounted valance. Like drapery, pole mounted window valances hang from a decorative drapery pole, which expands your design possibilities.

They’re like really short drapes if you want to think of them like that, and they offer a light and flowing fabric look for your room.

There are hundreds of styles, finishes and colors of drapery poles so you can really customize the look.

If the room is more contemporary, I think the architectural look of a board-mounted valance is a much better choice.

Remember that a valance simply tops off your window and can soften the look of wood blinds, create a ruffled elegance to a plain window or add drama to panels. All your need is a swath of fabric.

Curtains and Window Treatments

curtains and window treatments ideas

image : Michael Abrams Interiors

Curtains offer, hands down, the most creativity for your windows, which is why I love them, and all designers love them.

From the fabrics to the drapery hardware and trim, window curtains offer an infinite palette of possibilities. Just to set the record straight, draperies and curtains are often used interchangeably, but there are some nuances.

Draperies are usually pleated, lined and are floor length and impart a more tailored and formal style.

Drapes are attached to hooks on a rod with a cord component to open and close them and the fabrics are often heavier and more expensive and ornate.

Curtains are usually suspended from rings, or rods or ties and create a more casual appearance as the fabrics are usually light and airy and often come unlined and impart a breezy feel to a room.

The three types of curtains are: panels, cafe curtains and tiers.

Panels are the most basic and versatile and easy to use, as you can have any length and add a large variety of top decoration.

Panels can hang straight down or be tied back to provide more light. Panels are so “in” today! A cafe curtain only covers the lower half of a window and usually hangs from a pole by clips, rings, tabs or ties. Cafe curtains reflect a cottage style and are a trend to watch with today’s twist of modern fabrics.

Tiered curtains are a combination of two half curtains covering the lower and upper parts of the window, creating another soft easy style.

Don’t get tripped up and whether you call them curtains or drapes, anyway you hang them, I just lump the terms together and think of them as a soft, flowing nightgown for your windows.

Custom Window Treatments

custom window treatment ideas

image : RLH Studio

Why choose custom window treatments?

Unlike premade shades, which are already measured to a standard width and length, custom shades are measured to your exact window.

Although two windows may look identical, mostly likely the measurements between the two will be slightly different.

Windows are finicky and like to fool you with their odd shapes and throw you a curve ball whenever they can.

Custom window treatments allow each shade to fit exactly right inside each window without the length being too long/short, or the width too wide/slim.

Custom window treatments are handcrafted and fit each and every window like a beautifully made dress, your fabric, your size, your style, your price!

Each window covering is meticulously designed in a workroom of real people, cutting, sewing, fitting all the components together to create that special piece that will complete your look.

Whatever style of window treatments you choose, custom made, handcrafted window treatments are products that will create a balance, harmony and rhythm to your lifestyle and complement and complete your home.

Don’t let the last thing you decorate be an afterthought, but let it be the finishing flourish! No more ugly windows!

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